Music Proofreading

Our proofreading service ensures your music is ready for publication.

Get rid of errors.

Get effective proofreading.

Whether you're a publisher, transcriber, or composer, having your sheet music looked through by a professional proofreader is essential before publication.

Focus on your music.

Get ready for performance.

Music proofreading may seem like a straightforward task. However, careful proofreading requires a great deal of attention and focus. Furthermore, a deep knowledge of music is necessary.

Let us help you.

With Wellfey, you get a second pair of eyes—so you have time to concentrate on your music.
Choose our proofreading service for a final check before your music is shared.
When proofreading, we work with two sets of scores. We compare the proof against the copy, marking errors in the PDF.

When proofreading,
we look for:


Are slurs, dynamics, articulation, and tempo markings correct?


Are notes, rhythm, accidentals, and time signatures correct?


Are title, subtitles, and other text spelled correctly?

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