Jazz Meets Classical in Berlin: Iiro Rantala’s Veneziana

3. oktober 2023

Detail of Berlin Philharmonic hall
Detail of Berlin Philharmonic hall
Detail of Berlin Philharmonic hall
Detail of Berlin Philharmonic hall

The Philharmonie in Berlin.

The exciting fusion of jazz and classical music takes center stage at the renowned Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic concert series. Now in its eleventh season, this captivating series explores a myriad of themes, breathing new life into beloved classical favourites.

Iiro Rantala

Hailing from Finland, Iiro Rantala is celebrated as one of the country’s most exceptional jazz pianists. With a diverse musical background encompassing classical, jazz, and pop genres, Rantala’s artistry knows no bounds. His latest work, Veneziana, premiered at the Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic in 2023.

A Delightful Homage to Venice and Its Composers

Veneziana is a delightful and humorous musical work that pays homage to the magnificent city of Venice and its composers. Within the composition, Rantala presents whimsical titles such as Vivaldi’s ADHD and Mozart Loses His Mojo, infusing the performance with a playful energy.

Typesetting the Score

At Wellfey, we are proud to have prepared this work before its publication. After resizing the score to the appropriate size, the music was typeset with particular attention to page turns, spacing, and layout. The instrumental parts were also extracted and made easily readable for musicians.

Veneziana is published by Fennica Gehrman.

Get the score for Veneziana at Fennica Gehrman’s website.

Listen to Veneziana at ACT’s YouTube channel